Agile, cost-effective, advanced ROV lease solutions
for shallow and deep water science.

Rentals are fully equipped, mobilized, customizable, and professionally manned

Science Surveys | Pre & Post Pipeline Ecological Surveys | Film & Television | Lost Asset Recovery

Deliver Science

The Global Explorer ROV allows exceptional access to deep water (10,000 ft / 3000 m) with a small vessel footprint and comparatively easy transport. Get 3D HDTV and 18 MP stills with manipulator, samplers, sonar and more. Manned and supported by experienced Oceaneering professionals.

Recover Lost Assets

The Global Explorer ROV can quickly and affordably recover a lost AUV or other asset from the seafloor up to depths of 10,000 ft (3000 m). Dispatch globally by air or sea as needed or keep the ROV on standby for AUV testing.

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