Professionally-manned ROV leases for special projects in shallow and deep water.

Rent Global Explorer ROV fully equipped, mobilized, and professionally manned.

Science & Ecological Surveys | Film & Television | Lost Asset Recovery

Deliver Science

The Global Explorer ROV allows exceptional access to deep water (10,000 ft / 3000 m) with a small vessel footprint and easy transport. Fully fitted for science with a suite of survey tools including core sampler, rotary suction sampler, unmatched cameras, and more. Manned and supported by experienced Oceaneering professionals.

Capture the Deep

Explore the depths with unmatched imaging capability. Standard cameras include HDTV stereo 3D with videogrammetry, 10X HDTV, and 18MP stills. Grab frames and record with or without overlay and get immediate results with fiber optic gigabit ethernet connection. Learn more.

Recover Lost Assets

The Global Explorer ROV can quickly and affordably recover a lost AUV or other asset from the seafloor up to depths of 10,000 ft (3000 m). Dispatch globally by air or sea as needed or keep the ROV on standby for AUV testing.

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